We are more than happy to announce the launch of Blent.

What are we doing ?

With Blent you can build by yourself statistics, dashboards, tables and reports.
And more than a charts tools, you can directly talk to Mylene, your future digital assistant.
If you manage more than one hotels  (hotel chains, consultants, OTA, …) you can group your data per properties to have a full overview of your business.

Why did we develop such a product ?

We have been working in the hospitality industry for several years now, and we are aware of the complexity of this market specially regarding the distribution, sales and marketing. Selling a room implies to work with partners such as OTA, meta or whole salers. In addition that’s just the start of the customer’s journey, you can then offer additional services after the booking or directly during the stay. And because of this complexity it can be difficult to clearly know what’s happening and what will happen.

            When you run a business you need visibility.

As entrepreneurs we always hope to take the right decisions for our company. The first step to take the right decisions is to have clear overview of the business. We all want to easily access and work on our own data in different situations : monthly report, a quick discussion with a colleague or a partners, at the morning with a coffee, …
Today with Blent we provide the perfect tool for this.

We want Blent to be THE tool for the managers and directors. And that’s why we focus on  both accessibility and efficiency. You won’t need to have a team of data scientists and an heavy IT infrastructure. It’s our job.
Just connect your management system and take the control of your data.

More than visibility ...

But I have another question, are you able to analyse the quality of your reservations ?
I mean are you sure that this new reservation is not overbooking, or that the double room sold in the last reservation has not been sold with a price reduced of 20% ?
In Blent you can configure alerts and threshold. Better quality = less risk and a better customer satisfaction.

What can I do with Blent ?

Blent receives from your managing system a continuous stream of information containing your reservations, rates, and availabilities.
It’s time to play with all of these data :

  • easy to use interface to build dashboard and tables
  • customizable widgets and data comparison
  • alerts and threshold
  • global inventory overview
  • global reservation overview
  • digital assistant accessible with your voice or text

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