Try our new Restaurant Platform!

You’ve asked for it, and we delivered: Check out our new module specific for restaurants and restaurant chains! 

We have been working on a new module as part of our business intelligence software during the past few months to deliver a full restaurant analytics experience. We want to give restaurants and restaurant chains’ the same control and power over their data that we have already provided to hotels. That is why we designed this new module to specifically accommodate the needs of F&B properties with regards to reporting and data analytics. It is finally completed and launched, with a few restaurants and even a chain already using it! 

Like with our hotel module, you can create fully personalised dashboards and reports in order to have a 360° view of your business. It is also fully scalable, so regardless of how many locations you want to include, it’s possible. And again, it is accessible anytime and anywhere, from any device, be it your laptop, tablet or smartphone. But there are some changes, and here they are: 

A dedicated sales tool to adapt to trends and demand quickly

We give you full control, so you can completely customise your dashboard and reports and drill down to understand each location better with a high degree of granularity! This new module’s dashboard components are designed specifically for restaurants, with KPIs such as number and type of item sold, kitchen and waiting staff production rate, service times, etc. You will be able to see at a glance which dishes are stars, cash cows and dogs, as well as your peak and off-peak hours and days. You will then be able to act accordingly by adapting your menu (shorter menu during peak lunch hours, redesigning of the menu for increased sales of cash cow dishes) and offering relevant promotions based on current trends (Tuesday Taco nights, 20% off on Monday dinner, special combo of fries and milkshake). You will be able to learn what works and what doesn’t and take action based on data!

A specialised HR module for better planning 

Humans are essential in the hospitality industry and often your highest cost. That is why it is crucial to plan and schedule correctly. 

With BLENT integrated, you can follow employee performance and productivity in real-time and take the right action quickly. Train underperforming staff so they can deliver better service to your customers and reward employees who are consistently top performers to increase loyalty, decrease turnover, and, therefore, training cost. 

Being able to drill down into sales and peak times allows you to plan your employees better. With BLENT’s planning module, you will get a planning schedule recommendation based on business forecast, employee performance and productivity. No need to break your head and lose time with scheduling anymore. This will all increase not only your employee loyalty and satisfaction but also service quality and customer satisfaction and, therefore, your profitability! 

It’s not over, though – you can do more! 

We are in the process of developing additional specific tools for our restaurant and restaurant chains analytics platform. You will be able to have an overview of your inventory and reduce waste by tracking its movements and hence optimising your purchases. 

Accounting also stays the same, so you don’t lose time and avoid human errors in your reports and books. 

We also plan to include a reputation tool which centralises all your online review and with an integrated sentiment analysis tool, you will be able to take the right steps to correct what is not perfect yet! 

Like with the hotel module, this new restaurant module is entirely scalable. Therefore, you can benchmark a specific property or set of properties against any other desired group, be it particular regions or other subcategories. Compare and see which restaurant is underperforming and take the necessary steps to correct that. You will be able to take the right actions to understand if it is due to staff, sales or something else. 

BLENT’s integration is still quick and easy and works with any system you might be working with. We are here to support you and empower you to take back control of your data so you can adapt quickly and thrive in this ever-changing world!


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