We want BLENT to be a tool which breaks the data-gap and empowers hospitality professionals to make the best data-driven decisions for their business, quickly and easily! Through a visual dashboard with real-time data, we want to transform this industry into a more reactive one. Being agile is crucial, and even more so in the current period.

Chris, CEO & Founder of BLENT

Why did we decide to develop BLENT?

Our Story

After working for 10 years in the Hospitality industry without finding the right IT tool to compile and analyse data quickly, we decided to make our own. Most solutions on the market only take a small part of the data into account, they need a huge time investment, coding skills and are not hospitality-centred. We wanted to provide the ideal solution for restaurants and hotels, chains or individual properties, whatever their size and needs.


And what about data security ?

Blent respects the GRPD European reglementation about the personal data of your customers.


Become a partner

Tech partners

Our smooth onboarding process is thanks to our partners sharing their API with us. We are already connected with most major providers, but if you have a different system, we will connect you too!

Worldwide offices

To ensure the best quality support, we work with a network of partners worldwide, who are closer to our customers. Each of our partner is carefully selected and trained to deliver support services worthy of BLENT’s excellence.