Easily manage all your activities

Always be connected, take the best decisions and perform better with a 360° view on every aspect of your business.

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BLENT is a reliable and easy-to-use Business Intelligence platform which takes care of the manual part. Invest your time in understanding the information being presented to take the best decisions, instead of spending it on calculations and graph making.

Hotel manager

Have an overview of your properties, benchmark them and take the best decisions for your business.


Get real-time insights on each department all in one place, improve your operations and performance.

Revenue manager

See what's happening in real time, get forecasts and make the best price decisions.


Quickly and efficiently control your books. Compare your actual data to the budget.

HR manager

Plan your employees better and increase your revenue and customer satisfaction.


Get an overview of your business' profitability and make the best decisions to optimise it.


Get a better overview
of your business

With our easy-to-use, hospitality-focused Business Intelligence (BI) platform, you get the reports you need, in real-time, in a beautiful and readable format, and whenever you want. You have access to your data everywhere : on your laptop, on your mobile phone or by asking Anna, the AI-driven voice assistant.
Share all your information and work in collaboration with your colleagues. BLENT gives control back on each level of your hotel so the best decisions can be taken based on your data.

  • Multiple Properties
  • 360° overview
  • Flexible and customisable
Empowering hotels

The most complete,
dedicated BI-solution available

BLENT allows you to connect all type of data and is open to multiple systems. Our modules are specifically designed to manage the various activities of hotels: Stays, Services, F&B, Wellness, Accounting, Competition, Social Network and more. Consolidate and benchmark your properties’ performance and resources across your group, specific regions or customised subcategories.

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Understand your
business better

Forget about human errors and trust your figures. BLENT provides you with the best Business Intelligence experience possible to manage your business. Understand the market better, increase your income and optimise your resources.

Automatic compilation

Be more reactive and performant, and stop losing time with manual compilation.

Daily reports & automatic alerts

Define your rules and be notified when something is out of the ordinary, so you can take action.

Self-service analytics

Customise your KPIs and dashboard, and see what really matters without delay!

Prospective analysis

Get recommendations and scenario proposals to take the best daily decisions.


Integrate your existing tools

Using reliable, state of the art integrations BLENT connects to your current systems and breaks down data silos. We already have the API interfaces to all the major providers on the market, which makes the setting up even quicker.

Connectivity is our expertise, and we work with any platforms, even if they are not integrated yet. 


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Easy onboarding

Don't wait for weeks! We connect you quickly and efficiently, and we accompany you all along.

Best-rated support

Composed of hospitality experts, our support team's priority is to deliver you the best service.

Guarantee of Quality

We all come from the Hospitality industry. You get a project manager that is dedicated to you.