Unlock the next level to manage your restaurants

Get live access to your activities and resources in one place.

Empowering restaurants

Have a better vision
of what's going on !

Reliable and easy to use, our Business Intelligence (BI) platform takes care of the manual work for you. Don’t waste any more time on data compilation and graph creation. Instead, put your energy in analysing the information BLENT provides you. Presented in an aesthetic and simple dashboard, see all your information in real-time and create reports whenever you want.

Access your data anytime, from anywhere, on your laptop, tablet or mobile. Empower every actor in your business to understand what’s happening on the market and to make the best decisions!

  • 360° overview
  • Multiproperties
  • Fully customisable
SALES Insights

Adapting to demands and trends quickly is critical !

Manage all your restaurants with a high degree of granularity. See in real-time what all your restaurants are doing, drill down and understand each location better. BLENT’s dashboard components are specifically designed to manage the multiple activities of restaurants: Number of items sold, production rate of your kitchen or waiting staff, service period and more. Consolidate or compare your restaurant’s performances, resources, sales (and more!) across your group, specific regions or customised subcategories.


Sales details

Learn which dishes are stars or dogs, when your peak times are and act accordingly. Adapt your menu, and offer relevant promotions based on current trends!

Adapt your menu

Learn what is working, what you should do more of and what you should stop doing. Be more agile and adapt to the demands and trends quickly!

You manage a chain ?

Have an overview of all of your locations, and compare them against each other. See which restaurant is underperforming and make the necessary changes.


Better planning
with our HR module

Humans are key in this industry. BLENT integrates employee data so you can follow employee performance and production rate live. Know which employees are high-performers and deliver the best customer service, and which employees need more training!  

Production rate

Combine your sales and HR data to have an overview and optimise your production rate.


See who are your top performers and who needs more training!


Drill down into your sales and schedule your employees accordingly.

Increase quality

Schedule and empower your employees to deliver the best customer service.

It's not over

You can do more!


Forget about human errors in your accounting! Control your books quickly and efficiently.


Reduce your waste by seeing all your inventory movements and optimising the purchases.


All online reviews are centralised in one place. Find what needs improving with our sentiment analysis tool.


Integrate your existing tools

BLENT connects to your current systems through reliable, state of the art integrations and breaks down data silos for you. Having already the API interfaces of all the major providers on the market, setting you up is even quicker. Connectivity is our expertise, and we can work with any platforms.


What we do for you

Easy onboarding

Don't wait for weeks! We connect you quickly and efficiently, and we accompany you all along.

Best Rated Support

Composed of hospitality experts, our support team's priority is to deliver you the best service.

Guarantee of Quality

We all come from the Hospitality industry. You get a project manager that is dedicated to you.