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We empower hospitality managers to make data-driven decisions by giving them access and control over their properties’ real-time data.

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Your hospitality
data platform

Our powerful data analytics platform gives you easy and fast access to all your data. Connect all your systems,  such as your PMS or POS, and get a 360° view of your business. BLENT will help to make the best decisions. 


Take action!

Use real-time data to have an overview over your activity, drill down into specifics, and make the best decisions to grow your business.



Optimise your resources and sales in real-time, adapt to the market's needs to meet expectations, and increase your profitability and reputation!



Being reactive to the market is crucial! Through a clear and deep overview, adapt your strategy and resources to deliver exceptional service to your customers.


Create the best cockpit
by yourself

Have the freedom you want! With our highly customisable platform, create any kind of dashboards and reports, by yourself. You don’t need any coding or other technical skills. With BLENT we give you quick and easy access to your data. You are the expert, the platform adapts to your needs.

We empower hotels and restaurants

Benefits of using BLENT

You need a clear overview of your business to make the best decisions. We transform your Big data into smart data that you can actually use. Data science and artificial intelligence powers our platform and delivers actionable intel to you.


You have access to your data right now. No more uploading manually or consolidating excel files.


With our easily completely customisable and aesthetic dashboard, understanding your data will be a breeze.


This tool has been built with you in mind! With all the relevant KPIs already integrated, start using BLENT immediately.


Save money on infrastructure investments and maintenance. Access your data anywhere, anytime, on our web app.


Your chain
in one single place

BLENT lets you manage all your properties in one central place. Understand what is happening in each of your locations in real-time, and consolidate or compare your performances and resources across your group, specific regions or customised subcategories.





Analytics for hotel chain

Have a fast and easy set-up

BLENT connects to and retrieves data from all your systems automatically, be it PMS, POS, Accounting or any other system. Get a complete and instant overview of your business, in real-time.

Analytics and AI for everyone

BLENT benefits everyone.
Which user are you ?


C - Level Management

Have a bird's-eye view of your business, with access to all top-level Key Performance Indicators in real-time. Compare and benchmark your business against each other, whenever you want.


Head of department

Have all your real-time data available to drive your daily decisions, only a click away. No more manual data collection and making it look ok for meetings. Break down your data silos quickly and take action!



Have a clearer view of your daily needs and run your operations smoothly. From purchases to human resources, take the best decisions thanks to an easy and deep access to your data. Deliver the best service!



Get all your revenue data in an automatic and flexible structure. Include your budgets and see the daily, monthly, and annual performance for one or multiple properties. Focus on delivering value to the organisation.

We have a super solution for you!

What kind of business are you ?

No matter which level you work on, BLENT will empower you.
BLENT allows everyone to use analytics and AI easily and quickly.
Let’s see how this could benefit you!


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