We remove frustration and give you freedom !

Build your own dashboard and tables​ !

Forget the technical complexity : by using our simple and easy to use interface you can now build your own dashboards and tables. Our goal is to make Business Intelligence simple for everyone. Do you want to see your revenue per channel ? Design your own statistics by adding a new widgets !

Blent allows you to see and compare your data in a deep, segmented and customizable view.


Stays, F&B, accounting, services, reputation ...

You can now see the correlation between data. With Blent you can extract statistics about your online distribution, all your services and activities (restaurant, bar, spa, ...) and build accounting report.


In real-time, fully automated and connected via API

We connect to all your systems automatically.
PMS, POS, or other systems, Blent extracts all information from your current infrastructure.


Analytics and alerts

Blent receives from your managing system a continuous stream of information containing your reservations, rates, and availabilities. It's time to play with all of these data.

Blent offers global overview screens for reservations and availability. We strive to simplify and group all data to present you useful information.

Define specific alerts or threshold on reservations, availability or rates. The classic : enable the overbooking alert !

Blent is based on widgets, and you can customize these widgets to extract the right information. Use filters on channels, room types, rates plans, etc ...

Your data are ready directly in our system ! No need to code or manual implementation, everything is automated and in real time.


An assistant for everyone

You need an information or a specific data ? Let your assistant find this information ! More than a artificial intelligence, she will help you by responding on each requests.

Start a conversation and get notifications from multiple plateforms : Slack, Messenger, Google Home, Blent, ...


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Multiple properties statistics in ONE place

Hotel chains, destinations, consultants, OTA, ...
Analyze and build statistics in the same way for multiple properties. Each dashboard, tables, alerts or widgets is scoped by properties. You can now have live statistics on multiple properties and you can see what is  happening at different scales.

Advantages of using Blent

Every entrepreneurs need visibility in their business in order to take the right decisions. Big data and artificial intelligency were reserved to big company due to high cost. However that's no more the case:

Save money !

No need to imply accounting or IT department anymore. get the freedom you need !

Fully automated

Systems are connected via API in real-time. No more CSV and manual exports.

Self-service and scalability

Construct your own dashboards and reports, available in mobile and desktop.

Cloud based

No infrastructure or development cost, that's our job !

Your assistant, everywhere


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Partnership and connectivity

Our team used to work in Hospitality industry, both in the technical and managing sides. That’s why we based our intergration on OpenTravel standard.

More than a simple interface, let’s work together and build a strong partnership.